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An open fire is to be enjoyed and this need not entail sitting in a local pub from the 1950s! Chimney stacks should be checked regularly for any potential problems. By keeping an eye on their condition or change of condition, repairs can be carried out as soon as they are required, preventing further dampness penetrating.

At DWP we believe that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well and because we stand by our work we give a proper warranty.

We are specialists in checking chimney condition, repointing mortar joints, resetting or replacing pots, resealing the flue, chimney flashing flaunching and dry lining.

Repointed stack

inside stack

Chimney Flashing

Flashing is used around the base of the stack to seal and weatherproof the stack to the roof surface. It is also used where a roof meets a wall or around a dormer window. It can be a mortar, tiled or metal flashing, such as lead, zinc or copper.

Repointed stack with flashing

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